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USDA Section 502 Direct Loan Program

Current Renters First Time Homebuyers Returning Home Buyer Renters

Type Of Program

Deferred Second Mortgage

Program distribution

Deferred Second Mortgage

Program Originator

U.S. Department of Agriculture





The U.S. Department of Agriculture also insures 0% down payment loans. The catch is you must buy a home in a rural area and meet certain income requirements. Carefully consider what’s important to you in a home and a location. If you want something walkable in a more urban setting, a USDA loan probably isn’t right for you.
AMI Limit


Employer Participation Required

Must Earn Counseling Certificate

Eligibility Limitations

Cash Sale Permitted

Cosigner Permitted

Owner Financing Permitted

Must be Primary Residence

Program Provider's Contact Name

Program Provider's Address

Program Provider's Phone

Program Provider's Email